Jane Strother 2019

I am a studio painter. I devise and build a final image through many stages and layers of paint. The physicality of the paint is the important ‘surface’ layer. Once the subject is established, the form of the work takes precedent. I am excited by composition, colour proportion and value relationships, the quality of a mark and its location.

Subjects are frequently found at the coast or hill country, the more 'weather' the better. I observe, sketch, photograph, reflect, often alone or with a like-minded companion. A life time's enthusiasm for topography, natural habitat and wild life, particularly botany, suggests the detail in an image.

From March 2019 I’ve been working on my ‘Big Tree’ series, developments are updated on Instagram.

Current finished work is about the mudflats and shingle beaches of the less well-known Essex and Suffolk coast and some of the hardy plants (Sea Pea, Sea Lettuce...) that grow there. A growing angle to my work is an interest in the human footprint on these habitats, for good or for worse, exemplified in 'Ordinary Landscapes', an exhibition (2012) about the habitats of orchids indigenous to the UK.

I have exhibited widely in Bath, Bristol, Cambridge, London and Oxford in group and solo shows, most recently in the 2017 National Open Art exhibition on London's South Bank and selected for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. An annual event is the Oxford Visual Arts Festival or Artweeks This year is my 25th consecutive year of opening my studio.