Lost Landscapes

St Bartholomew’s Chapel, Oxford

Council for the Protection of Rural England, June 2012

Urban and Fragile, Mixed media print techniques 420mm x 410mm


Warneford, Riparian Corridor, Mixed media print techniques, 480mm x 620mm


I am a landscape painter, aiming to capture the shifting nature of place from one day or just one hour to the next; the being in the wider or more intimate landscape. My work is enjoyed by many who respond through recognition of their own sensory perception of the natural world. Currently I am developing a new body of work titled, Ordinary Landscapes, celebrating just the kind of legacy that the playing field site might represent. My proposal for ‘Lost Landscapes’ is to produce a piece on one or more panels involving painting and photography and layering of images, evoking the fragility of this landscape to be lost and its ephemeral nature, through the recording of its appearance over six weeks in summer.